May 23, 2016
بازرگانی مالی

Commercial department

From the time SFC was founded, commercial group has met the challenges of client demands by providing efficient supply and delivery solutions in compliance with project specific requirements and project time limits.Procurement group of Professional staff,employed in commercial division, manages more than millions of Dollars annually in goods and services. It has developed large database of internationally verified high- ranking suppliers where it derives full benefit to all concerned parties. It also has defined major objectives in respect to deliver services in accordance with the time stipulated in signed contract.

Marketing department 

Built on experience, this division is to maintain its core values to develop new skills to create new business opportunities and expand marketing area to respond various demands of industrial sectors. Besides, its efforts have been made on probing market potentials which are reachable over excellent credentials. Intense competition has caused SFC to establish new and modernized infrastructures for marketing division. Making efficient customer relation channel to make available continuous feedback from the clients to management is the talented job already tailored in marketing department.

Tender department

Knowing the importance of tender participation, this division is responsible to explore tender notices and prepare the bids and necessary documents to enter effective competition.Efficient communication as well as company’s successful records has been always the keys for its win announcement. Professional assessment on the calls made for different tenders in different industries based on SFC's market strategies is one the key responsibilities of this department.

Human resource department

Quality of service provided, evidently depends on skillful manpower. SFC's human resource department is devoted to providing effective procedures to overall productivity and efficiency by investing on workforce knowledge updating. In addition, employees are welcomed to reflect their basic organizational requirements and priorities.Human Resource Department has set its vision to ensure safety of workforce, upgrading their knowledge and improving their work ethics.

مهندسی مهندسی

Engineering and design department

This division is solely dedicated to providing engineering services vigorously in compliance with project technical needs. It constantly strives to offer technically competent services through innovative procedures with the aim of customer technical satisfaction. The division has established the objectives of its design and engineering services on the basis of full commitment and assurance.

Execution department

Project execution maintains leadership in project management capabilities and adopting flexible and open approaches toward better construction,commissioning and erection methods where can meet employer's satisfaction. Timely execution of project has been always planned by experienced project managers to achieve optimum project progress. Execution division's efforts are to rank us among the best EPC companies in the country.

Project Control Departmentpan>

The successful performance of a project depends on appropriate planning and tactful monitoring.The execution of a project is based on a robust project plan and can only be achieved through an effective schedule control methodology. The development and application of a suitable Project Control system is an important part of the project control department. Furthermore, it is widely recognized that planning and monitoring plays a major role as the cause of project failures. It has been proved repeatedly that Project performance can be improved if dedicated Project Controls systems and experienced people are in place.
Success factors are based on good Project Control practices, which result in good cost and schedule outcomes.

Department of Contracts

This unit is responsible for preparing, examining,analyzing, negotiating, and revising contracts that involve the purchase or sale of goods or services such as equipment, materials, supplies,or products.